Book the First: choose or feel endless shame

Your Stitch and Book the First choices

Here are the books that the Chooser chose, their front covers (never to be judged by), and their first lines.

VOTING ENDS: WEDNESDAY 1st at 10PM (BST) (Scroll to end for poll)


HO Chi Minh City in the summer. Sweltering by anyone’s standards. Needless to say, Artemis Fowl would not have been willing to put up with such discomfort if something extremely important had not been at stake.



“For anyone even remotely familiar with Jackson, Mississippi, the name “Sweet Potato Queens” instantly evokes sweet memories of beautiful, somewhat augmented female forms enveloped in green sequins, towering red hairdos, provocative dances, and the haunting refrain of “Tiny Bubbles” as only Don Ho could – or would, for that matter – deliver it.”



“It was a bright, defrosted, pussy willow day at the onset of spring, and the newlyweds were driving cross-country in a large roast turkey.”




“I am ninety. Or ninety-three. One or the other.”





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9 responses to “Book the First: choose or feel endless shame

  1. Woo hoo! I’d love to do any of those! But I’ve already read 2 of them so I voted for one that I haven’t. Yay!

  2. I’ve voted for Water for Elephants because I was given the book, so I’m already on my way there.

  3. I have Water for Elephants, too – it would be like knitting from stash!

  4. I haven’t read any of them by I voted for Water for Elephants because of its opening line.

    In fact I thought that was what we were voting for.

  5. Water for Elephants is so typical of a regular book club selection. Go out on a line, people!!!!!

  6. Come on Sweet Potato!!! No one does *eccentric* like the ladeez of the South. Let a little crazy into your life!

  7. It is cruel, cruel, cruel to make us choose. So I am going to read all four. Because that’s the way I am. Which is why I have 10 projects in my knitting place, and yarns and yarns waiting patiently for their turn. Why choose when you can have it all?

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