Book the Ninth: We have a winner!

Get your reading lamps ready, we have a winner!

With 6 votes, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.

Sad losers are:

The Disappeared by Kim Echlin (4 votes)
The Women: A Novel by TC Boyle (4 votes)
Ravens by George Dawes Green (0 votes)

You have 10 days to get the book.

Reading begins on the the 25th of February.

You have two weeks to read.

Discussion begins on the 11th of March.

If you read fast you might want to consider waiting for a while to start.

Here come the rules again:

  • Discussion of the book before the official thread is forbidden (us Bookettes will be watching you and our needles are sharp).
  • If you haven’t finished the book by the discussion please don’t go to the thread in case of spoilers.

Sign ups for Chooser for Book the Tenth are coming up soon!

Happy reading, Stitch and Bookers.


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