Book the Tenth: vote or gerbils will nibble your toes

VOTING ENDS: Friday, April 16th at 10PM (BST)

If a conspiracy is defined as two or more people getting together to plot an illegal, secret or immoral action, then we can all agree that there are plenty of conspiracies.”

“It was a quarter to ten. I was sipping coffee but by then my body was making its own caffeine.  I still couldn’t allow myself to believe. Finally, at 9:47, the call came. ‘I want you to be my Secretary of State.’

So why did you get married if you didn’t want kids?” asked the new dad, the husband of one of my friends.Huh? “Love . . . companionship,” I blurted.”

“The Truth will prevail.” Jan Hus, fifteenth-century Bohemian religious reformer

“It was my belief that the truth would prevail, but I did not expect it to prevail unaided.” Edvard Benes, Czechoslovak foreign minister and president


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