What is Stitch & Book?

So you’re a reader and a knitter. The two sides of you are at constant war. Papercuts and yarnknots all over the place.

You sit there with a little knitting devil on one shoulder and a little book-waving angel on the other. Should you cosy up with a good book? Should you launch yourself headlong into a few more rows of ribbing? Is it possible to prop your book up with your cup of tea and read while you attempt that brain-melting lace pattern?

To be honest we can’t help you with that. What we can help you with is:

  • Finding people to talk about the books you read with
  • Dragging you kicking and screaming into a world of books you might not read
  • Luring you away from mind-numbing TV and into the world of mind-nourishing wordiness
  • Sharing your filthy book love with people who might love them too
  • Defending books you love to people who might not love them (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
  • Knitting all the way

Stitch and Book is about books and reading. It’s also about people who knit who love books and reading. We’re the best kind of people really. Join us. Go on.

Stitch and Book lives on Ravelry. If you’re not an Ravelry go to www.ravelry.com and join up now.

Ask one of your friendly neighbourhood Bookettes if you feel lost.

Safety note from the Bookettes: Stitch and Book are in no way responsible for any book/knitting-related injuries you may sustain through trying to knit and read. Remember to wear your safety goggles, gloves and appropriate headgear at all times.


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