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Book the Tenth: vote or gerbils will nibble your toes

VOTING ENDS: Friday, April 16th at 10PM (BST)

If a conspiracy is defined as two or more people getting together to plot an illegal, secret or immoral action, then we can all agree that there are plenty of conspiracies.”

“It was a quarter to ten. I was sipping coffee but by then my body was making its own caffeine.  I still couldn’t allow myself to believe. Finally, at 9:47, the call came. ‘I want you to be my Secretary of State.’

So why did you get married if you didn’t want kids?” asked the new dad, the husband of one of my friends.Huh? “Love . . . companionship,” I blurted.”

“The Truth will prevail.” Jan Hus, fifteenth-century Bohemian religious reformer

“It was my belief that the truth would prevail, but I did not expect it to prevail unaided.” Edvard Benes, Czechoslovak foreign minister and president


Book the Ninth: We have a winner!

Get your reading lamps ready, we have a winner!

With 6 votes, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.

Sad losers are:

The Disappeared by Kim Echlin (4 votes)
The Women: A Novel by TC Boyle (4 votes)
Ravens by George Dawes Green (0 votes)

You have 10 days to get the book.

Reading begins on the the 25th of February.

You have two weeks to read.

Discussion begins on the 11th of March.

If you read fast you might want to consider waiting for a while to start.

Here come the rules again:

  • Discussion of the book before the official thread is forbidden (us Bookettes will be watching you and our needles are sharp).
  • If you haven’t finished the book by the discussion please don’t go to the thread in case of spoilers.

Sign ups for Chooser for Book the Tenth are coming up soon!

Happy reading, Stitch and Bookers.

Book the Sixth: Vote or we get all British on you and send you to Coventry…

VOTING ENDS: FRIDAY 21st AUGUST  at 10PM (BST) (Scroll to end for poll)

“It was their final quarrel, that much was clear”

To reviews







“Lewis can see the world up here: balanced on the top rung of the ladder, his view is dazzling.”







“Dear Sidney

Susan Scott is a wonder.”






“I’m in the shop the next morning, standing behind the counter rummaging through a drawer full of buttons, when a woman comes in, wearing sunglasses and talking on a tiny black mobile phone”






Book the Fifth: Vote or we make you read the ingredients on your shampoo bottle

VOTING ENDS: THURSDAY 16th July  at 10PM (BST) (Scroll to end for poll)

“I was fifteen when I first met Sherlock Holmes, fifteen years old
with my nose in a book as I walked the Sussex Downs, and nearly
stepped on him”


To reviews




“My father had a face that could stop a clock.”










“It really was a hell of a blast.

The explosion occurred at daybreak on the second Tuesday morning of September, its shock waves rippling through the beer-
stained streets of Mornington Crescent”




“I’d been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the




To read quicker or not to read quicker?

Stitch and Bookers, would you like more time to read the next book before the discussion kicks off?

Speak now, or forever hold your pieces of unread book.

Stitch and Book: chapter one

Hello Stitch and Booker

Welcome to the Stitch and Book blog. A place that smells of yarn just as much as it smells of books.

Get yourself a steaming cup of tea, pull up a chair, drape your knitting across your lap, make sure your cake is within easy reach, and crack open another world in book form.

The Stitch and Book Bookettes x