How Stitch & Book works

Stitch and Book is simple.

  • We choose a book
  • We all read it within a time limit
  • We all come here to discuss the book

How books are chosen:

  1. Members of Stitch and Book (Stitch and Bookers) sign in on the book sign up thread on Ravelry: Book (number) Sign Up before the deadline
  2. After the deadline a member is randomly chosen and becomes the Chooser for that book (please let us know if you don’t want to be a Chooser but still want to be a member)
  3. The Chooser picks four books by sending a Bookette (moderator) a list of the four books by Private Message
  4. The four books are announced along with a link to an online poll and a voting deadline
  5. All Stitch and Bookers vote
  6. The chosen book is announced in the group along with a deadline to read it by
  7. Discussion opens online after the deadline in the: Book (number) (book title) thread
    e.g. Book One blatherings: The Tiger Who Came to Tea
  8. Heinous arguments ensue, virtual chairs are thrown, rose petals are showered on the book. You get the idea.

Then it alllllll begins again.

(The book can also be discussed in the real world at groups (waves to S&B London) should you happen to be there with another Stitch and Booker. We won’t stop you. 🙂

Join Ravelry to join Stitch and Book

Questions about Choosing? Choosing fear? See our How to Choose page.


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