How to Choose

For those of you who have Choosing fear and Choosing questions

Rule one: There are absolutely no rules for Choosing.

Here’s the thing. We’re all here to broaden our reading horizons. So we want people to pick whatever they want. There are no rules at all for the kind of book the Chooser chooses. That is the beauty of it.

The Chooser is free to choose what they want. Examples:

  • A nice safe 300 pager about growing up while living in a tree
  • A 12-page picture book about a rabbit who did something unspeakable to a local vegetable patch
  • A graphic novel about toenails that take over the city
  • A recipe book with more cake than you can comfortably fit in your innards
  • A 700000 page book that you have to carry with you in a wheelbarrow.

The four books that the Chooser picks will then be voted on by us. So we all have some choice. Length, breadth, smell of the pages, alllllll up to the Chooser, and then up to you (the Stitch and Booker).

I want to stress to whoever ends up as Chooser. You have the freedom to choose anything at all. Be brave or be safe. Be yourself.


One response to “How to Choose

  1. peaceful pelican

    I guess having a choice is good, but why does it have to be so hard? At least it got me considering other titles. I have considered reading Artemis Fowl on my own, so I chose a different book.

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